Back in the game

May was a really crappy month for me in a lot of ways. I had a week of vacation from work… and then spent that entire week (and then some) with a lung infection that I’m still recovering from. I was under a lot of stress because my job still hadn’t paid me over $100 that it owed me from well over a month ago. I had no energy, and what I did want to do had nothing to do with reading or writing. My roommate’s going through hell because her job is messing her around when it comes to her chronic health issues, which is stressing both of us out.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I even felt remotely like blogging again. So I decided to finish out May with a last few posts, and made the decision to start June freshly, to try to leave the baggage behind me.

I’ll be announcing the winner of the comment contest in the next few days. I’ve got a few books that I’m almost finished, so I suspect that June will have at least 4 reviews (hopefully twice that, because I’m behind in my reading challenges and really need to catch up).

I’ve also made the decision to start reviewing audiobooks. The reason for this is because I’m back in a serious crafting groove, and it’s hard to do things like sew while reading, since I need my eyes and hands for both. But that still leaves my ears free, so audiobooks would be the best way to maximize my productivity.

With all that, I’m hoping that June will end up more productive and with more content here than May did. Wish me luck!

2 comments on “Back in the game

  1. Do go for it with the audio books. I review all the ones I listen to. If I forget details, I go to the author's site and remind myself, as well as get spelling. Have fun with the crafting. You are invited to join me for Needlework Tuesday. I share my needlework projects each Tuesday and find that it helps urge me along and work on them so I have something new to blog about each week.

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