30 Days of Genre – Day 30

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Okay, so I’m a little behind schedule with this final installation of 30 Days of Genre, but better late than never, right?

Day 30 – Your favorite genre novel of all time.

Wait for it… Wait for it…

Oh, you were expecting something by Mercedes Lackey? Fooled you! While I do, of course, love her books, Monica Hughes’s Invitation to the Game easily takes top position as my favourite genre novel of all time. I long ago lost count of just how many times I’ve read this book. I stopped even trying to count how many ideas I have for stories of my own that were inspired by this one, or how many RP scenarios. I love reading it, it inspires me to be creative and to look at how to change my life in slightly more unconventional ways, and it’s just overall a fun read, very good for an afternoon where I want a good story without having to invest a lot of energy into something longer and/or heavier.

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