30 Days of Genre – Day 27

(See the intro post for all te daily themes.)

Day 27 – Most epic scene ever.

The scene toward the end, where everyone’s decided that enough is enough and they’re going to protest against the unfair conditions they’re forced to work under so that other people can get one step further in a virtual world. Rioting in the streets. People getting killed, shot by the police, and this is before the real rioting starts. People getting shot trying to flee for their lives. People getting killed because they want justice.

What makes this scene so epic in For the Win is the fact that this happens. While the story does border on being speculative, there are entire factories of people in China, Indonesia, India, all over the world who are good at video games and are exploited for it. It’s epic because the book could be describing a scene in which very real people across the globe are fighting for their freedom, the right to work where they choose, fair hours, fair pay, and these real people are getting hurt and even killed for trying to get what so many of us take for granted. It’s a moving scene, very powerfully-written, and you get the sense of chaos and fear that the characters themselves are no doubt feeling.

It may not be a world-shaking event of good versus evil, but it’s no less epic and worthwhile for it.

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