30 Days of Genre – Day 25

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 25 – A genre novel you plan on reading soon.

Geez, where to even start answering this one? It would probably end up being a shorter list if I mentioned all the books that I don’t plan to read soon.

Though since I just ordered a copy the other day and hopefully it should be here within a week, I’ll mention…

Megan McCafferty’s Bumped. I’ve seen this one around the blogosphere, was disappointed that I couldn’t get a copy during the brief time that it was available on NetGalley, and took it upon myself to finally just buy a copy a few days ago. I’m not waiting for it to be shipped, so I can enjoy a nice blissful dystopian day of reading it.

There are, of course, plenty of others that I’ve got on the chopping block, most of them from NetGalley, but this one’s one that I want to put in the spotlight for a little while, even before I get it and review it.

One comment on “30 Days of Genre – Day 25

  1. This is probably the first post on this meme that I can answer myself without much thout. I'm so certain that I need to post a comment to share: Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.

    I just picked it up at a used bookstore and I've loved all of his books that I've read so far.

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