30 Days of Genre – Day 18

See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 18 – Favorite protagonist.

Taking another trip into Lackey-land today! Can you guess who I’m going to name here? (I’ll bet Mieneke can!)

Yup, you guessed it. Vanyel Ashkevron.

I know, I know, already talked about why I like him so much. And all those reasons still stand true for this post. Selfless but human, dedicated to duty, amazingly sweet to those he loves… People could do worse than try to imitate Vanyel, really. He’s got a lot going for him as an interesting protagonist, especially once he’s grown up and has stopped being angsty about whether he’s gay or not.

I’m a sap for this guy, really. If I pick up one of the Valdemar anthologies and find out that there’s a new short story about him, or even that he got named in one of the stories, I have that little moment of fangirl glee, I admit it.

Hmm, almost a shame he’s not interested in women!

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