30 Days of Genre – Day 8

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 8 – Best fan soundtrack.

Yeah, I knew I was going to run into trouble with this one even when I added it to the list in the first place. But it wouldn’t have been fair for me to ignore fan soundtracks just because I don’t tend to pay much attention to them, since many people enjoy them, and reading what other people say might help me find some interesting new music to listen to.

The only fan soundtrack I’ve ever really listed to was the one found here, for Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald-Mage trilogy. It introduced me to some interesting songs that my playlist now doesn’t seem complete without.

Fan soundtracks are interesting things. I think that when books touch us enough to really stick with us, it’s hard not to see shades of their events when we listen to certain songs, and sometimes we find associations that we wouldn’t have thought of before. I really ought to look at more fan soundtracks. I may not have had much exposure to them, but I like what little I have seen, and it can’t hurt to take a look at what other people arrange and associate with the books they know and love.

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