30 Days of Genre – Day 7

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 7 – Favorite couple in a genre novel.

Oh my, this is another harder one to answer than it would have been only a week ago. A week ago, I would have answered that without a doubt my favourite genre couple was Vanyel and Tylendel, from Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald-Mage trilogy. They have a dynamic that borders on sickeningly sweet, and they overcame various obstacles to be together, one of those obstacles being death itself, given that Tylendel was reincarnated at Stefen. When I read about them, I feel good, and I have a soft spot for both of the characters, so naturally their relationship is one that I can return to time and again and enjoy reading about.

Then I read Deborah Harkness’s A Discovery of Witches, and quickly Diana and Matthew wormed their way into my heart.

It could be because those two are disturbingly like characters that a friend and I role-play a fair amount of, or it could be because I do more than a little relating to Diana, but I feel the same thing about them that I do about Vanyel and Tylendel, or at least close enough to it that these two have quickly worked their way up the ranks to become a couple I would read short stories about if given half the chance, and gladly, and I’d probably enjoy every minute of it. They’re sweet, complicated but committed, and unlike a lot of novel romances that I come across, the entire book didn’t start dwelling solely on their relationship and letting plot almost fall by the wayside. Their relationship is mature, healthy, and dammit, something I very much would love to experience. (Okay, so I have a tiny little romantic flame in my heart that’s kept alive by couples like these, I admit it.)

I’d have to say that these two couples tie for first place here. They both make me feel good, they’re both fun to read about, they both involve characters I adore, and both feature in novels that I could read 20 times over and still enjoy. What’s not to love?

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