30 Days of Genre – Day 4

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 4 – Your Guilty Pleasure Book

Monica Hughes’s Invitation to the Game. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this book, and every time I feel a little bit like I should stop, because I know the story off by heart at this point, and it’s not exactly I spend most of my time reading mid-grade to young adult novels, after all.

However, I cannot make myself stop reading it. To me, it’s inspirational. When you’ve got a story about people who have skills that are unappreciated by those in charge, and those people band together and improve themselves and their lives, and in the end wind up chosen to help populate a new planet by living in a mostly primative rural fashion… Yeah, I think the only way this book could have hit more of my happy triggers would be to involve vampires somehow. It’s the kind of book I want to imagine myself in, a place where my talents might actually be worth something to people instead of just being relegated to amusing little hobbies. Where I could make my living by my skills instead of having to work endlessly at dull jobs that I don’t have much interest in. Where I can start off something deprived and end up somewhere amazing.

That’s why I keep reading this book. I may be able to finish it in under 2 hours, I may be able to recite entire chapters without looking at any of the pages, and I may own multiple copies because I lost one when I wanted to read it and so I went and bought another. But I will continue to read this book, and feel a little silly at doing so even when I take hope and comfort and enjoyment from it.

2 comments on “30 Days of Genre – Day 4

  1. Holy Heavens. I swear…I thought no one had read this book except for me! I bought and read it thanks to a middle school book fair. In fact, I had to buy it TWICE because I lost my first copy somewhere at school before I finished it.

    Wow, I'm all kinds of thrilled about this. =D

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