Smashing Saturday Shorts (7)

Statis, by Ted Stetson

Summary: Colonists sleep in stasis on a spaceship to the stars until something goes wrong.

Thoughts: Unlike last week’s SSS, I rather enjoyed this short story. The style was good, polished and smooth, with only a few places that could have stood a little tightening. The story itself was interesting, though I think I might have liked it better had the author taken some more time and lengthened it, added some detail, like the motives of the characters and the details of just what’s going on in their heads.

It was the ending that puzzled me, though. There are a few different ways it could be interpreted, and maybe it’s just too early on a Saturday morning, but none of them made complete sense. I got the feeling that I was missing something, and that something could have been very interesting indeed.

Looks like this could be an author worth watching!

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