What happened to Tea and Tomes?

A flash of inspiration took me yesterday, and Tea & Tomes is, sadly, no more.

Wait, no,don’t go away! That doesn’t mean I’m closing down the blog or anything. I just mean that the name has changed, and thus also the URL. So if anybody’s seeing this and has linked to me somehow, it would be awesome if you could change those URLs from tea-and-tomes.blogspot.com to bibliotropic.blogspot.com.

Why did I change the name? It really is because I got hit with a flash of inspiration. Halfway through Jo Walton’s Among Others yesterday, I saw the word “bibliotropic”, and the meaning was explained as just in the way that sunflowers are heliotropic because they lean towards the sun, a bibliotrope naturally leans towards books.

It was one of those times where I suddenly learnt that there’s a proper word for something I’ve been describing for the majority of my life. When the only bookstore this city had was Coles, I used to joke with friends that I had a condition called Wandering Coles Foot, because whenever a store was near, I had to look inside, even if I knew I couldn’t buy anything. Trips to new cities invariably involved finding a bookstore to see what they had that I couldn’t get locally. When I was still able to, I would make a trip or two to the library every week for new books. I really did tend in the direction of books the way flowers seek sunlight.

Hence, Bibliotropic

There’ll be a lot of changes here over the next little while. A new layout is coming, and I’m going to go back through all my old entries and update any links I may have put in, and also to change over the old reviews to the new format that I use. It’ll be a slow but steady process, and I’m hoping to have everything finished up by the time the weekend’s over. I’ll still be doing reviews in the same way, still keeping to my preferred genres, still doing the few constant things that I’ve been doing. The only real changes will be the layout, the name, and the URL.

Thanks for sticking by me while this blog was Tea & Tomes, helping me find my footing in this crazy reviewing world, and I hope I can entertain you all just as much from here on out!

(ETA) – This also means that I’m going to give Smashing Saturday Shorts a miss this week, since I’ve got all the other stuff to get done. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to it, but it’ll be back next week, I promise.

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