Smashing Saturday Shorts (4)

Weeping Willow, by Sandra Madera

Summary: Chloe Dennis always felt awkward in her own skin. Being teased at school has always left her feeling alone… Until, she dreamed of another world… Until, she dreamed of a handsome stranger. Chloe is about to discover who she really is and what is worth fighting for.

Thoughts: This is, as advertised, part one of what I assume will be a continued series of shorts, though the author hasn’t written any other parts at the present time.

Mostly what I took away from this story was that the author has potential, but to get anywhere beyond the levels of praise from friends, it will require a lot of polishing. Typos were few, but incorrect word usage was pretty high, such as someone being “in the mist of a fight” instead of “in the midst.” Potential, but it needs polishing.

It’s rather a shame, actually, that I saw so much potential in this story. It was frustrating at times to start to get into the plot and them be jarred out of it by an awkward turn of phrase or rushed pacing for the sake of getting to the next scene. The epic “love spanning across dimensions” thing was, while not original, still done in an interesting way, not unlike what you’d see in a dozen or more YA urban fantasies that are on bookstore shelves at this very moment. The story idea she played with is an interesting one, with some interesting twists thrown in to keep the reader interested.

I’d like to see the author gain more confidence and skill with writing, and to make something of this potential. What saddens me most is that probably by the time that happens, the YA urban fantasy boom will be over and her publication chances will drop.

Still, for what it’s worth now, she’s got a good grasp of story and the seeds of good writing have definitely taken root. This is one author worth checking back on in a few years, to see just what’s become of her.

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