Bloggiesta – at the end of it all.

Okay, so Bloggiesta didn’t work out to be as productive as I intended, partly because I ended up being busy on Sunday and barely even touching my computer, but I did make some small amount of progress.

What I did do
~ Start up a new weekly feature I’ve been planning (Smashing Saturday Shorts got started)
~ Trim the Google Reader list to get rid of blogs that no longer update (Ending up removing about 5 blogs that haven’t posted since the middle of December, or earlier)
~ Add 10 new bookblogs to Google Reader (Found some new good bookblogs to read!)
~ Make a list of reviews that ought to be rewritten (The rewritten reviews will be forthcoming, when I get the time to rewrite them)
~ Set up a way for people to subscribe to this blog via email (Done, and in the sidebar)
~ Arrange the e-books on my hard drive into something resembling organized. (Also did this for the books on my Kindle)

What I didn’t do
~ Update all my old review entries so that they use the same format I’m using now.
~ Update my reviews on (I’ve been really slack on this).

So I still have some work ahead of me to make this blog consistant and improved, but the point is that I made some progress, and I’m happy about that. Now all I have to do is update the older reviews and update with them (and whatever other ones I ended up missing), and I can consider this thing officially improved!

In other news, it’s freaking cold here today! See that temperature highlighted in red? Yeah, that’s what it feels like with the insane wind that’s blowing about.

And for all you Fahrenheit-usin’ folks, that works out to be -31 degrees. You know it’s cold when the two temeratures are practically the same number… I wish I could just stay inside today, curled up with a good book and a never-ending mug of tea. That, in my opinion, if the only sane way to survive the winter!

4 comments on “Bloggiesta – at the end of it all.

  1. Hello again fellow tea-drinker! (We can totally be tea buddies now! Woo!)

    Smashing Saturday Shorts is a fantastic idea for a new feature and one that I will definitely be checking out. I rarely read short stories unless they relate to a series I've already started (like novellas), but it's nice to know what's out there and I love giving indie authors publicity so it's wonderful that you're doing this.

    Even though you didn't get everything you wanted accomplished you still managed to make a significant dent and that's great.

    Wow, so cold! I'm in Sydney, Australia and it's seriously HOT here at the moment. Like, 35. And it's predicted to get warmer. Still, it's good beach weather. Not good tea weather though, unless I'm inside where the aircon makes us feel like it's winter anyway.

    Stay warm!

  2. I'm with you on the seriously COLD front. It's been negative (Farenheit) windchills all week which has made walking to classes and really, going anywhere miserable! I'm up to two or three cups a day just to try and keep warm.

  3. It's 40 degrees here (Fahrenheit), which I guess is balmy compared to what you all are dealing with on the east coast. I think you did really well with the Bloggiesta. I didn't get my reviews up on Amazon either.

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