Smashing Saturday Shorts

Upon browsing Smashwords earlier this week, I noticed that there’s a fair amount of free fiction up for grabs there. Some are the first book in the author’s series, some are standalones, and some are simle short stories.

So I decided to start looking at the short stories, to see just what the authors are made of, to give them some publicity if it’s due, and to expand my horizons. Thus, each Saturday I’m going to link to and review one of the short stories on Smashwords. Hence the name of the series: Smashing Saturday Shorts.

Closing my Eyes Helps me to See Clearly, by Kip Poe Speicher

Summary: A dark vision of the end of the world These two short stories will twist and torment your mind as you unravel the paradox within them. A desperate dash to save a life, realizing one’s own fate, and a man mentally snapping at life’s issues: these stories dive into the dark side and may keep you up at night.

Thoughts: Seeing the reviews for this story makes me wonder what I’m missing. While I can’t deny that the author has some talent for imagery, their writing needs a good amount of polishing. Sentences were short and clipped, and in some places that style worked, but in orthers it just felt disjointed, and not in the way I suspect the author intended. The formatting, while a clear attempt to convey converging and surreal stories, was often simply confusing as the viewpoint jumped around while the narrator’s voice did not. Honestly, the only thing that made this story make much sense to me was seeing that one of the tags was “dream interpretation.”

But I have to say, there are better ways to go about it than this.

It has potential, I’ll give it that. The imagery was good, if a bit sparse in some areas, and it was an interesting idea to play around with, but it just felt lacking. Mostly, lacking an editor.

One comment on “Smashing Saturday Shorts

  1. What an excellent idea for a series! I vaguely remember of hearing about Smashwords somewhere, but I've never checked it out myself. Now that I know there are short stories, I'll have to check it out sometime (and keep an eye here for recommendations!)

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