Bardic Voices: the Lark and the Wren, by Mercedes Lackey

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Summary: (Taken from GoodReads) Possessing the potential to be the greatest bard her world has ever seen, young Rune rashly brags about her abilities and must prove herself by meeting the Ghost of Skull Hill, who forces her to fiddle an entire night.

Thoughts: This book reads like it was originally a collection of related short stories put together into one longer books, much like Oathbound felt to me, only in this case Lackey managed to avoid the problems that Oathbound faced. The transitions from section to section are smooth, little to no repetition, and by the end it felt very much like I had been with the main character on one long adventure, the ending of which really couldn’t be foretold at the beginning.

However, this book was not without its flaws. Some things were only briefly touched on that could have been easily expanded into something much more exciting and interesting (Gwyna’s time as a caged bird springs instantly to mind), while others sometimes felt a little drawn out. The pacing was okay, but not great, and could have easily been improved. Some of the romance felt rather contrived, too (Gwyna and Sional fall madly in love and yet there’s precious little interaction between them), though the main romance between Rune and Talaysen was rather sweet. Talaysen’s constant attempts to convince Rune not to like them were amusing at times.

As one of Lackey’s earlier books, this one stands out as having good potential for an interesting series. It’s the only one of the series that I’ve read so far, though, and so I can’t say whether the potential is followed through on or just left alone. Time will tell.

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