Off the Shelf challenge

I’ve been seeing this challenge on a few blogs today, and took a look into it. I figure that it’s actually a good one for me to consider. Over the past few weeks, I’ve done a lot of packing to move from my old apartment to my new one, and I’m flabbergasted by the sheer amount of books I own, most of which I haven’t actually read yet! It both shocked and saddened me, because most of those books are ones that I specifically went out and paid good money form, only to have them sit, unread, on my shelf. That’s not counting the ones I’ve picked up at second-hand sales, that were sent to me as ARCs, that we given to me as gifts…

Yeah, so this challenge might end up being a pretty damn good one for me. It’ll be nice to say that I can clear some of the pileup from my TBR pile.

The rules are fairly simple. Choose a challenge level (which is based on the number of books you want to read from your TBR pile), and then read that number of books, only counting the ones that you owned before the challenge started, not ones you receive afterward. I’m going for the Making A Dint level, which means I’m going to try reading 30 books from my TBR pile next year. i don’t anticipate that being too difficult, but I didn’t want to set the bar too high for myself in case of weird emergencies that prevent me from reading for two months or something.

Not 100% sure which books of mine will comprise this wonderful list by the end of next year, since at the moment, I don’t actually have a full list of all my books! And even if I did, I’d probably avoid picking and choosing right now, because I know my whims take me in various directions and I’d end up not reading one I planned to but reading 5 others instead. So at the end, I’ll just say that next year will see me reading at least 30 books off my TBR piles, in addition to whatever other books I manage to get for myself over the course of the year.

Off The Shelf!

Anyone else feel like joining me in this challenge? I know it seems to practically be a given that bookbloggers have a TBR pile from here to the moon; let’s make an effort to cut that down a little in the coming year!

One comment on “Off the Shelf challenge

  1. Thanks for joining in; I wanted to pay you a visit to welcome you to the challenge. I hope you have fun with it and I look forward to seeing what you end up reading.

    Good luck!

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