The whims of strangers

I went uptown today to get a few things, and ended up stopping into City Market. A local publishing company, Dreamcatcher, was there selling some of their books. I mentioned to the person running the stall that I ran a book review blog, and, well, this is what I came away with:

I love to support small press and local businesses, and I have no problem doing so on this blog so long as I enjoy the books. And let’s face it, how many of us get books that we know won’t interest us? We’re lucky enough, most of the time, to be a little picky, to request and to receive books that suit our individual tastes, and so we’re more likely to end up giving those books a good review when the time comes.

I’d like to thank Elizabeth Margaris and Dreamcatcher Publishing for giving me the chance to read some of their books, and I’m looking forward to cracking them open and giving them a whirl!

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