Challenging myself.

Through Floor-to-Ceiling Books I found out about the “diamonds in the rough” challenge, and I think this is one I’m going to be participating in myself. (Ties in quite nicely to the New Author challenge that I’m doing, too.)

The gist of it is that to participate, you have to read a book not just by an author you haven’t read before, but by an author you haven’t even heard of before. This means that I can’t just grab a book by an author whose name has been appearing everywhere recently just because I haven’t read any of their books yet. No grabbing an ARC off the pile because technically, I’ve heard of the author at least enough to request a book by them.

The book I’ve chosen for the challenge is Wayne Barlowe’s God’s Demon.

I own this book, but I honestly can’t remember how it ended up in my apartment. Maybe it’s actually my roommate’s, maybe I acquired it through a box of books given by an old friend, maybe I grabbed it off the shelf at some second-hand bookstore thinking it was something else. I really don’t know. But I actually just found it in the hallway this morning, shortly before hearing of the challenge, and so I figured it must be fate. God’s Demon it is!

The blurb? The powerful Lord Sargatanas, Brigadier-general in Beelzebub’s host, is restless. For millennia Sargatanas has ruled dutifully over an Infernal metropolis, but he has never forgotten what he lost in the Fall. He is sickened by what he has done and what he has become. Now, with a small event—a confrontation with a damned soul—he makes a decision that will reverberate through every being in Hell. Sargatanas decides to attempt the impossible, to rebel, to win his way Home and bring with him anyone who chooses to follow…be they demon or soul.

He will stake everything on fighting all the abominable forces of Hell arrayed against him, when the prize is nothing less than redemption.

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