New Authors Challenge 2010

I’ve seen this challenge on a few other blogs that I read, and have tossed back and forth the idea of whether or not to join. At first it seemed somewhat pointless, since while I do read a lot of old favourites, both books and authors, I usually end up reading things by people I’ve never read before just as a matter of course. Was there really any sense in making a big deal of it?

But in looking over my old records of books that I’ve read in certain years, it became obvious that only a small percentage of books were by authors I hadn’t read before. Maybe there was a point to the challenge. Push a little further, try to find something new. After all, I’d already read a few books this year by authors I hadn’t heard of before, and ended up wanting to find more of their work.

So why the heck not? I’m going to challenge myself to read 25 new authors in 2010. Since my goal is to read at least 86 books this year, that still leaves a lot of room for old familiar favourites, authors whose work I know and trust.

I’ve set up a page to keep track of the new authors I read this year (the link’s along the top bar of the blog), so I’ve got some accountability for this challenge. No cop-outs!

Wish me luck!

3 comments on “New Authors Challenge 2010

  1. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll do fine. I just came across a new author's webiste, Evinda Lepins. After reviewing her website I think she's the type of author I'd really enjoy reading…funny, inspirational, and one that LOVES to write. From the sound of things she should be published later this year. I'll be watching out for her new book!

  2. Chad, the only reason I managed it last time (and possibly will manage it this time) is unemployment. I had and currently have very little else to do with my time after sending out resumes and waiting for interview callbacks, so I may as well fill the time with awesome books!

    I've seen people who claim to read 200-300 in a year. I have no idea how they do it, unless reading is their full-time job and they make awesome wages from it or something.

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