Reading interlude.

Not so much an interlude from reading in general but a break between reading some heavier volumes. I only today came into possession of the books from Erin Hunter’s Warrior series that I haven’t yet read, and so since I can read those books pretty quickly, I think they’re going to take priority over books like The Selfless Gene and the next book in The Guardian Cycle.

I know, I’m a sucker for YA novels. And while I have my problems with that series, it keeps the right blend of fantasy elements and wild cats to keep me reading. I’m always surprised, though, by how disturbing those books can be. Character death all over the place, sometimes very graphic death, and this is the stuff that intended for kids and young adults to enjoy. Realistic, but it even causes me to recoil sometimes. (The death of Tigerstar, for example. I rarely meet people who have active imaginations and who’ve read these books that don’t feel some internal roiling sensation when they think about him being disembowled and dying nine times in a row.)

Shouldn’t take me too long to get through them, and since I got e-book copies, I’ll still end up reading other books in the meantime. E-books get read on my laptop, after all, and I have other hardcopies of books that I can take with me out of the apartment to read at work or on the bus. So it’s not like YA books are going to dominate the next month of blog posts or anything.

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